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Outercasing roll 2-5-10-25MTR





Outercasing Black Ø4.0mm

Art nr. BU001

Outercasing Grey Ø4.0mm

Art nr. BU002

Outercasing Black Ø5.0mm

Art nr. BU003

Outercasing Black Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU004

Outercasing Red Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU018

Outercasing OLD Grey Ø5.0mm 25MTR

Art nr. BU041

Outercasing OLD Grey Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU038

Outercasing Grey Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU005

Outercasing Bleu Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU022

Outercasing White Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU006

Outercasing Yellow/Green Ø5.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU026

Outercasing Black Ø5.3mm

Art nr. BU007

Outercasing Black Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU008

Outercasing Grey Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU009

Outercasing OLD Grey Ø5.3mm 25MTR

Art nr. BU040

Outercasing Red Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU019

Outercasing white Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU036

Outercasing Yellow/Green Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU027

Outercasing Bleu Ø5.3mm inlined

Art nr. BU023

Outercasing Black Ø6.0mm

Art nr. BU010

Outercasing Black Ø6.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU011

Outercasing Grey Ø6.0mm inlined


Art nr. BU012

Outercasing Red Ø6.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU020

Outercasing Bleu Ø6.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU024

Outercasing Yellow/Green Ø6.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU028

Outercasing Yellow/Green Ø7.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU029

Outercasing Black Ø7.0mm

Art nr. BU014

Outercasing Black Ø7.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU015

Outercasing Grey Ø7.0mm inlined



Art nr. BU016

Outercasing Red Ø7.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU021

Outercasing Bleu Ø7.0mm inlined

Art nr. BU025

Outercasing Black INLINED Ø8.0mm

Art nr. BU040

Outercasing bare Ø4.0mm

Cable can be corrosion

Art nr. BU030

Outercasing bare Ø6.0mm

Cable can be corrosion

Art nr. BU031

Outercasing bare Ø8.0mm

Cable can be corrosion
Art nr. Bu039

ACTION 5x Grease Nipple Grey


5 grease nipple for €3,50

Price pro part  €1,00

Art nr H016/5