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Post & Packing




Sending in the right way NEW REGULATION 1 jAN. 2020

Do you ever send a stamped goods abroad with a stamp?
From January 1, 2020 that is no longer possible, regardless of the value of the product.
Due to changes in international regulations, we must make a strict distinction between goods and letters.
So you can no longer place an item in an envelope and only stick stamps on it.

This means that from now on all goods shipments must be stamped as a package without a track & trace.
Even if it is in an envelope.
In this way a shipping label including barcode always comes up.


 Post & Packing Worldwide:           

                      The Cable-Shop articles are charge by weight and size of the  parcel

   When you put the article in the shopping-basket you can see in the progress what you have to pay for Post &Packing 

                          Orders will be post after receiving your payment within 3 workingdays !!